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Inflight MagazineCitywing offers exceptional fares on routes to Belfast, Blackpool, Gloucester (M5), Glasgow, Isle of Man, Newcastle and Jersey

We're based in the Isle of Man's Ronaldsway Airport and have a team of dedicated staff who are committed to offering excellent customer service and building strong year-round air travel. Our operators use a fleet of 19-seat aircraft that are designed for short regional routes, and are flown by a team of specialists who will safely get you to your destination on time. Flights between the Isle of Man, Blackpool, Gloucester, Belfast City, Glasgow, Jersey and Newcastle are normally operated by Vanair Europe AS.

When you book your contract is with us. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details. The information on this page does not form part of our Terms and Conditions. For the operation of Citywing flights we contract with air carriers licensed and insured as air carriers in accordance with the requirements of European Community law. These air carriers, who make available all the seats on each aircraft for us to sell to our customers, are responsible for operating the aircraft, and providing crews, maintenance and insurance for our flights, including insurance against legal liability to passengers and for their baggage, according to those requirements. Citywing is also insured, including insurance against legal liability to passengers and for their baggage, in accordance with the requirements of European Community law. In the process of booking one of our flights the name of air carrier scheduled to operate your flight is shown on your itinerary. This is confirmed in your e-ticket when you have booked. (As provided in our Terms and Conditions we may need for operational reasons to substitute another air carrier.)

The timetable is specifically designed to provide flights at the times our extensive market research tells us you want to fly. For business travellers, there is a choice of early departures and late returns, while leisure passengers can take advantage of our flights that are conveniently timed for onward travel with the leading low-cost airlines - meaning you can easily book to escape to some of Europe's top destinations.

You can rest assured that our pricing policy contains no hidden surprises and no fuel surcharges. For extra flexibility, we offer a Citywing Business Select ticket, so you can change your flight times as often as you want at no cost, as well as free bag check-in, and access to our special business lounge if you're flying through Blackpool Airports.

Our website is designed to make our booking process as easy as possible, but if you'd like to make a booking over the phone, please call our reservations centre on 0871 200 0440 and one of our team members would be happy to help.

Citywing Inflight Magazine

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